Some Changes and Some Problems

Well, I am not sure what is going on with Blogger or my blog but I have some how managed to lose all my followers.  They are MIA from my page and I am heartbroken.  I love opening my page (which also has become difficult for some unknown reason) to the glowing icons of my followers.  Anyone else having this issue?  I have posted this problem to Blogger and so far no luck. 

On another note, the Writers Digest 80th Annual Writers Competition deadline has been extended.... again.. I have been working on several drafts and revisions of Hands on Fire and have decided to submit electronically.  I found some glaring errors and problems with the original drafts and believe with some TLC and a long Memorial Day weekend, plus an extra day off on Tuesday, I should be able to get it in via their electronic posting option. 

Hope all is well this weekend and again, if anyone is having some problems with their blog, please share!  I was worried I may have had a virus at first but it is on every computer I check.  I also noticed other blogs I visited were also missing their followers. 

More later! 

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I figured things out late in life, like what I wanted to do, getting married (age 30), having kids, (36 and 38) and changing degrees about 3 times. Now as a cop of 19 years and in my mid 40's, I am finally figuring out some things. My first career or dream of becoming a writer is playing more in my head and daily life than ever. I love it. Thus the blog. It is all mine. I also love being a mother. They are all ours. I love my husband and as a cop, wow.. have I seen some things. Street degree. I got it. Let us learn together. I also am on She Writes.