Hide and Seek and the On-Line Writing Course Discussion

I cannot believe it has been over a week since I last blogged.  I have been so disciplined the first of this year.  Hopefully I am not wasting your time. 

I took a bit of a break after the short story submission to the Writer's Digest Contest. On top of that I had a final paper and a final exam to complete for school.  If that is not enough, I had a sick child on Monday and after a quick trip to the E.R. because of his 102.8 fever, we learned we had a very typical case of Strep.  We have to be very cautious of high fevers with a transplant.  We always worry about rejection or something else sinister lurking within.  So when the quick swab down the throat resulted in a positive for Strep, I let out a little yelp of relief and applauded openly. 

Mother's Day was a "mama's choice" which involved taking 4 children (two mine) to see Rio in 3D.  I love the movies.  Then my hubbie made stacked enchiladas complimented by cocktails by the pool with friends.  Very nice. 

I continue to read aggressively and am writing journal-style with a particular sway toward the continuation of my memoir.  Now that I am done with school for this semester (only 2 more to go), I have the summer off.  We have a trip to Colorado planned in about 4 weeks, so I am focusing on my writing. 

I am debating on signing up for an on-line writing course.  I just do not have time to go to "school" so I must explore the virtual world. 

How about some discussion on On-Line Writing Courses?  Let us educate ourselves and discuss. 

I will report what I learn in a few days.  Check back!! Give me some insight, ask questions, offer suggestions!

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