My Pen, My Friend and a Bit of Rambling on Writing

Feeling a bit punchy, chatty and aimless-

I actually have a quiet house.  I am alone.  The house is cooling off, dinner has been made and served.......I have one child at a play date, the other with dad at hockey.... I should be writing.  I am writing right?  I am writing right now.  Okay, so yea it's not "my book" I am working on (can I even say that with a straight face?).  Am I working "on a book?" I read somewhere once (when I wasn't writing) where you should never say you are "working on a book" if you are in fact just "thinking about working on a book".  

Ohhh, semantics.  Good news! I did start my prologue.  Yes, a prologue.  This book needs it and I just learned to spell prologue.  No, not an introduction.... I researched both.  I definitely need a prologue

Pretty Butterfly

I am just rambling here; whispering to a few friends (your little pictures are to the right), my dilemma or maybe just filling space to give you all something to read, a little escape from your day as you cruise through your blog list.  Maybe you found me via She Writes, or happened across this blog via another blog you were more interested in.  You were curious maybe.  Either way thank you.  Well my friend, I am having what is called a fight with my pen.  It is my friend most days, others not so much. 
If only those "most days" were "more often". 
I am done with " " for now.  My time is up. 

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I figured things out late in life, like what I wanted to do, getting married (age 30), having kids, (36 and 38) and changing degrees about 3 times. Now as a cop of 19 years and in my mid 40's, I am finally figuring out some things. My first career or dream of becoming a writer is playing more in my head and daily life than ever. I love it. Thus the blog. It is all mine. I also love being a mother. They are all ours. I love my husband and as a cop, wow.. have I seen some things. Street degree. I got it. Let us learn together. I also am on She Writes.