Writerly Inspiration-Where Do You Get Yours?

I was toiling with a new post topic today and after I spent some time reading the writings of several of my Writer's Club friends, I wanted to take a moment to ask the question; Where do you get your inspiration?  Not to necessarily come up with plots or story ideas but your inspiration to "Write". 

Do you seek a comfortable spot in your bedroom, living room, office?  Front yard under a shady tree?  Does a particular song track inspire you, a favorite book, a moment in life? 

I find reading and a particularly nice day like today, inspirational beyond words.  I have begun my first real chapter of my memoir and I can actually say, "Yes, I am working on my book"..  That seems so strange but REAL.  Also a bit scary and over-my-head... 

I can also say a big inspiration for me was the writer's conference.  Workshopping with all those writerly minds and intuitive thinkers as well as "prose prone pronouncers", was extremely profound.. If I do say so myself.  I absolutely felt a fire kindled inside as I sat surrounded by so many creative thoughts and authors.

I honestly believe, the true key to writing is reading.  If you find yourself struggling with plot, prose, character development and setting, pick up an author you admire in the genre you habitat and READ.  By reading others' work, you will find the method to kill cliches, build and develop your characters, fine tune your setting and build tension. 

I would like to end this post with an invitation to those reading to leave behind for others your inspiration.  I would also like to quote a favorite author, Frank Conroy from his book StopTime (1967).  There are two paragraphs in his memoir where he is describing his parents as he views them just before they take a journey across country in the family car.  First, his mother:

"In front, my mother, rather tall for a woman, with an abundance of blond hair and wide, cleanly cut features.  She radiated the robust freshness of a farm girl-her forebears were, in fact, Danish country people-missing ideal Scandinavian beauty only because her face lacked suggestiveness.  Studying it you noticed that things were a little too big.  She was handsome rather than beautiful, but for all that men's heads never failed to turn."

And his stepfather:

"Next to her, in the driver's seat, was Jean, a man of almost impossible Gallic good looks.  The ne'er-do-well son of a collapsed aristocratic New Orleans family, he had been around for years, seeing my mother while my father was away.  He was six feet tall, slim, and sported a black mustache.  The bones of his face and head were extraordinarily delicate and well proportioned, just slightly smaller than life size, accentuating their fineness.  A perfect Greek head, but without the Greek effeminacy.  His features were French and masculine.  Dark, almost black eyes, a thin humourous mouth.  He smoked cigarettes through an F.D. R. holder but affected the mannerisms of the proletariat.  I rather liked him, which was lucky.  From this trip on, for the next eight years, he was my stepfather".

Although in cases of character description, these may be lengthy in some scenarios but to Frank Conroy at this time in his life, these were the two most important people in his young life, who would forever shape his next few critical years.  It was clearly important for him to give a personal account of their features, mannerisms and also how he may have "felt" about them. 

Reading inspires me. 

Spread the Joy of a Bloggy!

I have been awarded a Bloggy from my blogger friend Laura at http://literarylegs.blogspot.com/

Thank you Laura!!  Now, from what I have read, the way this goes is once received, you pass on the sweetness to 5 others after first revealing 5 interesting facts about yourself!!  Fun!

1. I am a Living Kidney Donor

I donated a kidney to our son three years ago and am now working on becoming a mentor for others who are in need of a kidney or wanting to learn more about living donation. 

2. I take my boys "bug hunting"

No,this is not my hand or our bug... But he's COOL huh??!!  We would totally dig finding this guy!!

3. I worked as an extra in the movie Fire Birds (1990) with Nicolas Cage.

I am the blonde bar tender in the "bar scene".. and they also used me in a basketball scene where I shot some hoops for Sean Young (in her place).. but it was not used.  Apparently she can dribble too.  I wore a wig and went to "make up".. pretty cool.  Was paid $150.00 for two days of "work". 

4. I was on a dance team for a local radio station when I was 25.

And no.. that is not me.  I unfortunately have no photos of any of my dancing however we also filmed a late night "dance party" show (which was actually filmed on Saturdays at 10 am) and friends saw it.  Came on later that night at 11:00

5. I am an only child.
Who not so secretly wishes she had at least 2 brothers and a couple of sisters.  I also would have loved to have had at least 4 boys and even adopted some.  I do have two half-brothers but unfortunately we are more like distant cousins. 

My sweet blogger friends I wish to share with are:

1. Laura who creatively blogs at http://literarylegs.blogspot.com/
2. Dawn who dazzles at http://dawnbrazil.blogspot.com/
3. Meryl who captivates at http://departingthetext.blogspot.com/
4. Alex who wows at http://alexhagen1.blogspot.com/
5. Julie who inspires at http://julieflanders.blogspot.com/

Go visit these wonderful ladies and send a bloggy to someone who motivates/inspires you!!

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