Kiss it Goodbye

On Monday I had the perfect opportunity to get my final draft done.  I had the cable guy coming....

Dun da da daaaa..

You know... the "We'll be there between 0800-1200" thing.  I figured this was the perfect opportunity to have the house and computer to myself and get it all done before I had to get to work. (I found myself hoping he would actually be late..)  I could even do a "reading" in the living room.  Well, I did.  The reading however took place in the office....

I stored my story, "A Moment for Rosalie" (3,242 words) along with the cover page away on my thumb drive.  I paper clipped my postcard, check and entry form together then headed to the Kinko's to get it printed.  (yes, I am out of ink). 

Once I had my envelope, double checked the contents and printed the address neatly, I headed for the post office. 

"This just needs to be postmarked today.  When will it arrive?"  I asked the nice woman behind the counter.  I felt like a little kid picking out my favorite baseball glove on the season before tryouts. 
"Does this one break in pretty good?  How's the leather? I gotta make sure I get the right one." 

"This will arrive regular delivery by Friday."  She said.

"That will work, as long as it is postmarked today."  I said, leaning over slightly checking the postmark ever so nervously and a bit "micromanagerially".   Is that even a word?  I highly doubt it. 

I had to chuckle to myself as I left.  Much like after cramming for finals week and walking out of your final class on Thursday afternoon after it is all over.

"Well that's that!" 

Now on to another project.  The memoir.  Enough procrastinating.  I live vicariously through others but every once in a while it is nice to actually accomplish something.  What happens now?  Who cares!!  The act of writing, revising, revising some more then letting it go is enough!!  

Remember the lovely green path from the other day?  This is what I came across.  (In my dreams)

The Night Before the Deadline

So, it is the night before May 2, 2011.  I have a third and a half revision done (does that even make sense?).  A lot of penciled and penned X's and slashes; blood on the page.  I have my entry form filled out, my check carefully attached and my SASP (postcard) all packaged and ready to go (I want confirmation it arrived). 

I have a scheduled appointment for the cable guy to be here between 8-10 tomorrow.  I have texted my boss and let him know I need a couple of hours in the morning.  I plan on going for a 20 minute run, home to get my lovely kids ready for the bus, walking my wonderful dog, then working on my final draft while I wait for the cable guy.  I have new ink cartridges so I can print from home (yes, I am sending hard copy.  Call me old fashioned) and then head to the post office for mailing.  Postmarked May 2, so the rules state. 

Are you ready??  I am a mess and a firm believer no work of writing is ever done, only abandoned.

Sweet Dreams..  This is where I want to be......

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