Think "Outside Inspiration" in your Writing this Week!!

I was INspired today to write about what is OUTside in our backyard.  Please share your blog, post your take on everything glorious about the out-of-doors. 

The backyard is alive.  I am inspired with a newness brought on by springtime and the tsktsktsk of hummingbirds as they ward off enemies from the liquid sweetness in the feeder.  Each evening, we head out after a day tied to emails, attending meetings, finalizing plans, to our glorious backyard here in the Sonora Desert.  One would think springtime in Arizona would be a hop skip and a jump from a mildly chilly winter to a dreadful dry heat but oh, my friends it is glorious. 
This is our entertainment this year and a cause for a writing prompt; “OUTside INspiration”.  Our Arizona retreat is dappled with purple leaf plum, ficus trees, milkweed and Bermuda.  In between all that is a pebble tec play pool with a rock waterfall.  Surrounding the curved edges is a tropical array of palm trees in various sizes.  In all its glory, this lends too much pruning and care tending by my wonderful husband but on evenings such as this, it is breathtaking and resort-like. 

We have been enjoying a family of red capped finches who after three years, have been first to take ownership of a Cub Scout constructed bird house by yours truly painted in an inviting emerald green and harvest red.   A note on the sign welcomes them to their “home tweet home” and we have been pleasantly greeted by at least two babies if not more, chirping gaily from deep within.  I am anticipating through my latest observations of both mum and dad the fledglings are about ready for their first solo flight. 

As the Wallow Fire establishes its rightful passage in the northern part of the state and thousands of heroes battle the flames in an effort to chase it down, I am thankful at least that this fierce act of nature has not taken any lives and has limited its destruction of residential homesteads for those sharing just a piece of the glorious ponderosa pine area.  I am saddened and tremendously heartbroken by all the wildlife left defeated in its path.  The life so consumed with making its place here in my backyard, so intent on starting a new, are to only be silenced up north by yet another act of nature; fire. 

So take in nature.  Write about it.  I will be travelling with my family beginning Sunday on a road trip to Colorado where with any luck I plan to take a hit at some travel writing.  I will post our adventures, give my take on our experiences and try to put into words my soaking up of everything outside. 

Step away from the computer, leave your pen and pad behind.  Let your eyes and ears take it in, talk about it with your kids, watch the “show” and most of all, take care of it. 

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