The Three Stooges and Bad Veins

It is Friday the 13th and before the night recedes any further into distant memory, I must get my latest revelation off my chest; I have also had a glass of wine or two.

Yes, my friends it is Friday the 13th and my day started out with a follow up appointment with my cardiologist. I can hear you all.... "How old are you? Why would you be seeking the technical knowledge of such a high grade medical professional?" I will tell you, heart palpitations. Yes, little beats that just don't seem to fit the normal pattern of day to day living. I actually wore a heart monitor for a month.

Well, today the good news is he said the monitor along with the ultrasounds were all great! You have the heart of a 20 year old (I am 46).  Fantastic!! Pour me another glass!  It IS working!  Shiraz does cure all!!  Take note my friends!!

Then... he scooted closer, brought the chart to my face, I could smell the paper, see the little letters and numbers, even the alien script writing doctors seem to develop and that is when he let it fly...

"The vein mapping we did...You said you have had leg pain in the past, right?"

"Well, yea once in a while. I am on my feet at work at times."  (I am a cop remember?  I tend to wear about 22 lbs of "stuff" around my waist and yes, I am on my feet.)

"Well you came back with Venus Reflux Disease." (go ahead, I know you want to Google it... go ahead)

Blank stare, lower jaw drops to floor... remember, I came in for heart palpitations.

"So....what does that mean?  Can I work on it?" (ie.. can I drink something, do an exercise, work out diffently, chant something repeatedly?)  No.. I am not into pills, so that option was out.

"Well, it will progress.  You are healthy, in good shape.  In 20-30 years though, it will become a problem and you will need to address it."

So he says....

Translation; I am going to have old lady legs.. Blood pooling around my ankles, swelling, ugly veins.. you name it.. Great..

It's Friday the 13th.. did I tell you that?


So, as I wallow in my misery, I get a collective hold on myself and realize---- this is nothing folks.  My legs look---- okay.  They are not like they looked when I was 24 but whose legs look like that 20 or so years later???  I work out, I eat right, I drink wine and yes a beer or two.

Then I was traversing the great wide world web and came across the Three Stooges Movie.. I LOVE the Three Stooges.  I am a simpleton and I needed something to lighten my mental load.

I know exactly what to do this weekend..

Take my two boys to see the Three Stooges.  And screw the veins..   Cheers

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