The Craft of Reading-On Our Way to Submission

In our mission to get to our deadline, it is important to never forget the craft of "reading".  I took some time today to read and write and had an opportunity to read some old material I wrote a few years ago.  I can personally say (and I am my own worst really cannot hurt me since I find error and fault in just about everything I put on paper), I believe I am a better writer because I read. 

I read primarily non-fiction/memoir since that is my central focus for a larger work but I also dive into fiction once in a while.  I also find enjoyment in writing short stories.  I began re-reading (yes, re-reading and I never thought I would do that), Flannery O'Connor and I can say now I really love this author. 

Along with re-engaging with Flannery and some of my favorite shorts, River and A Good Man is Hard to Find, I also found through my latest subscription of Writer, a book called Unless it Moves the Human Heart by Roger Rosenblatt.  This is a quick read and a must have.  I highly suggest it as part of your toolkit, a workshop in words study on the art and craft on writing.  I love the way it is set up.  Roger, the author and instructor in writing classes takes the reader through a selection of writing exercises in a narrative, dialouge format with students he has had over the years.  Wonderful.  Buckle in, get comfy, pick up this book.  You can knock it out in a night or two and really grasp something from it to take into your own work. 

Remember, April 22, 2011.  I plan on getting my first draft done and printed to take to my writers group, Promise of the Pen on Monday night.  Then make some revisions to get it ready for submission!!

Get Writing! Contest Deadline Looming!

I have a major case of "writus interuptus" plus a laundry list (dirty one, of course) of "to dos" including working, helping with homework, cleaning, attending writer's clubs, doing my own homework, music lessons, house projects, hockey tournaments, making dinner and yadda yadda yadda. 

Sooooo.. with that and to keep you smiling and motivated to relax and find your groove, I have included a picture of my dog. 

Aint she sweet?

Next deadline:  April 22, 2011 to have your first full draft complete and reviewed by at least one person of your choosing. 

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