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Many of the authors I have read on the subject of writing say the same thing that I say now in my own words, “Writing is the torrid wrath of an internal voice soothing me from just under my skin.”  I cannot begin to explain just how annoying yet at the same time consoling my internal muse has become over the years.  She was born several years ago when I was very young and then slept quietly as external influences silenced her growth. 


Those external distractions including my own youthful exploration of friends, boys, hobbies, love, school, fear, children, work and family were then replaced with this unrelenting voice within continually telling me to: “describe the woman seated across from you, tell me what you see in the couple on the bench, what are the eyes of that child there telling you, "how do you write your life?”  Every day, each moment from the time I wake to the moment I close my eyes, she speaks to me.


Contemplative thought.  I read. I think a lot.  I think about writing every day.  I work, struggle and fight to put those words on paper in any shape or form.  I will some day explain to a crowd of at least 3 during my book tour how my path to publication began with thinking long and hard about writing, how I studied the works of others, some well known, some just starting and took from each a lesson.  Finally, I set forth, forged ahead on my own path to tell a story, a story worth telling, a story designed to move a person. 


The Great Recovery!!

I checked in early this morning to The Mother Centurion and lo-and-behold my Followers have returned! 

I will be spending the day just relaxing with my boys.  Their choice for today includes taking on the role of "Mall Rat" and then some swimming later.  I will revise "Hands on Fire" and get it finished for submission tomorrow. 

If you are still interested, do not delay!!  You can still enter, late fees are waived.  The Writer's Digest 80th Annual Writing Competition. 

The latest books I have read:

Townie                                          by Andre Dubus
Reading My Father                       by Alexandra Styron

Both memoir and absolutely wonderful!!

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