What An Appreciation!!

Why the title?  Well, go tour the Air Force Academy and then the US Olympic Training Facility and you will  know what I mean. 

I honestly asked myself, "What have I done?  Anything?  If only I was 20 years younger." (okay, 25 years younger......)

So, since I dont want to depress you, I will post some pictures of Breckenridge and Leadville CO:

Thank you to our olympians and to our armed services. 

The Garden of the Gods.  Beautiful!!  There were people carefully climbing the precarious cliffs believe it or not!!  I read this was donated by the property owner to the City of Colorado Springs in the 1900's by his family at no cost so everyone could enjoy the rock formations freely.  Very nice. 

A beautiful Edison phonograph in Leadville CO.  We toured a historic home built in the mid 1800's.  This phonograph was in the room of the third floor and she played it for us.  We actually have a gramaphone, which is a variation of this; enclosed in a furniture like piece and played with the horn in the interior.  What a wonderful sound.  I absolutely loved it.  This was primarily a boarding house.  At the peak Leadville was home to 30K people.  Now, 3K tops.  That was during the lead/gold rush. 

Thanks for hanging in there.  Off to Taos NM tomorrow!!

Where Have I Been?

It seems my promise to "take a hit at travel writing" while on vacation in Colorado has taken a swift dump however, I do have some beautiful photos to display.  These were taken in Vail, Colorado a couple of days ago.  Just to catch up, we are now in Colorado Springs!  We plan on sending the older boy off to hockey camp at the Air Force Academy tomorrow.  Now that we have internet, I may be able to offer more insight into our travels over the next few days.  Until now; enjoy these:

A beautiful, very large flower taken just at the steps of the visitor center in Vail CO.  Wish I knew the name!  I had to take my turn capturing this beauty!!

Outside the Rock Garden also in Vail CO.  Gorgeous.  Several in shades of petal pink, white and purple. 

Thank you for hanging in there with me while on the road.  It is a bit challenging to travel/vacation with the family and keep up with a blog!  Time to hit the hay!

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