I am Here; Are You?

Hello my friends. If I have any left that is. July 2011, seems an eternity ago and now I found the inspiration and time to make a quick pitch to anyone out there who still may check in once in a while. Well.. what has been happening?

I dedicated myself to some serious writing and it did pay off.  I got an Honorable Mention in the Writer's Digest 80th Annual Writing Competition. My category was heavily attended (Short Story Lit/Mainstream) with over 5000 entries I believe (or best estimate). I got 43 out of top 100 for a fictional short story titled, A Moment for Rosalie.  "Ya shoulda seen my face when I opened the e-mail."  Better yet, you should have seen the little jig I danced around the house like a spastic cheerleader on Red Bull.

I am now heading to the ASU Virginia Piper's Desert Nights Rising Stars Writer's Conference, just a few weeks away. Last year I blogged about my experience and if you care to check in to see what I learn, please check back. This year I made the big leap to the "Master's Class" and have submitted 20 pages of my non-fiction, A Mother's Purpose, for review by a published author and 11 other aspiring memoirists. This should be fun and I hope to take all I can from having several writers read and critique my work.

I also have entered the Writer Mag's Memoir contest, soon to be announced March 1 or shortly thereafter. I have to say, I get a real kick out of entering contests. If you have never entered one, do your research, enter a quality one with a long standing. Polish up your work and take the leap. I find it very therapeutic in a "writerly" sort of way.

I am glad to be back. Please follow, please comment. I love to hear back from you and above all, if you have a blog/story to share, do so here.  I am also a member of She Writes but just cannot get the darn logo to attach!!!! 

More Soon!

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I figured things out late in life, like what I wanted to do, getting married (age 30), having kids, (36 and 38) and changing degrees about 3 times. Now as a cop of 19 years and in my mid 40's, I am finally figuring out some things. My first career or dream of becoming a writer is playing more in my head and daily life than ever. I love it. Thus the blog. It is all mine. I also love being a mother. They are all ours. I love my husband and as a cop, wow.. have I seen some things. Street degree. I got it. Let us learn together. I also am on She Writes.