Counting Down to the Desert Nights Rising Stars Writer's Conference!

Well, only a couple of days to go and as you can see, I have been "playing" with my blog.  I have literally been learning as I go and I do hope I have not frustrated anyone else as much as I have frustrated myself. 

I have been stealing some moments away to search my "writer within" and have been so overwhelmed with school, work, home and my blog template, my creative side has been supressed.  I will be taking a moment or two to just relax, open a good book (just got another yesterday....Flannery O'Connor) and breathe...

I have this fear something may happen and mommy duties will call me away from my time at the conference.  Keep your fingers crossed!!! 


Elizabeth said...

I REALLY like the new look of the blog. Attractive, functional and very organized, just like you.

Meryl Jaffe, PhD said...

Hi Adrian, I love this look! Makes me think about updating my blog. I feel like such a techno-dinosaur as I anxiously navigate the settings buttons. This is really nice though and I wish you a lot of luck.

I know exactly how you feel juggling the mommy and the work stuff. My kids are a bit older and it is still difficult. One of the greatest challenges for me is signing up for things in advance. How do I know if there won't be some 'emergency' issue that only I can handle....

So enjoy the conference, I look forward to hearing about it, and good luck with the sight. I will be back.

All the best and looking forward to more visits,
Meryl Jaffe

Cheers said...

Thank you both!!! I like it too! I am sure I will still find some need for continually improvement and tidying up. Is that NOT what we mommies do anyway?

One day to go!!!

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