The Night Before the Deadline

So, it is the night before May 2, 2011.  I have a third and a half revision done (does that even make sense?).  A lot of penciled and penned X's and slashes; blood on the page.  I have my entry form filled out, my check carefully attached and my SASP (postcard) all packaged and ready to go (I want confirmation it arrived). 

I have a scheduled appointment for the cable guy to be here between 8-10 tomorrow.  I have texted my boss and let him know I need a couple of hours in the morning.  I plan on going for a 20 minute run, home to get my lovely kids ready for the bus, walking my wonderful dog, then working on my final draft while I wait for the cable guy.  I have new ink cartridges so I can print from home (yes, I am sending hard copy.  Call me old fashioned) and then head to the post office for mailing.  Postmarked May 2, so the rules state. 

Are you ready??  I am a mess and a firm believer no work of writing is ever done, only abandoned.

Sweet Dreams..  This is where I want to be......


Meryl Jaffe, PhD said...

I love your photo, the hope of the vibrantly green road ahead. Good luck.

I know what you mean that the work is never really finished, you can always find more 'succinct' edits, but own it then put it away and move on. (Sounds great in theory, doesn't it!).

Good luck again. We have all been there and gotten our share of rejections. The hardest part for me is they rarely give any constructive criticisms which would be so helpful....

My fingers are crossed for you!

Adrian said...

I worked on the draft until I ran out of time and that is a good thing. Then printed, packaged and mailed before I went to work.

Not to put it out of my mind and quit procrastinating on the memoir! Thanks Meryl!

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