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I have been awarded a Bloggy from my blogger friend Laura at http://literarylegs.blogspot.com/

Thank you Laura!!  Now, from what I have read, the way this goes is once received, you pass on the sweetness to 5 others after first revealing 5 interesting facts about yourself!!  Fun!

1. I am a Living Kidney Donor

I donated a kidney to our son three years ago and am now working on becoming a mentor for others who are in need of a kidney or wanting to learn more about living donation. 

2. I take my boys "bug hunting"

No,this is not my hand or our bug... But he's COOL huh??!!  We would totally dig finding this guy!!

3. I worked as an extra in the movie Fire Birds (1990) with Nicolas Cage.

I am the blonde bar tender in the "bar scene".. and they also used me in a basketball scene where I shot some hoops for Sean Young (in her place).. but it was not used.  Apparently she can dribble too.  I wore a wig and went to "make up".. pretty cool.  Was paid $150.00 for two days of "work". 

4. I was on a dance team for a local radio station when I was 25.

And no.. that is not me.  I unfortunately have no photos of any of my dancing however we also filmed a late night "dance party" show (which was actually filmed on Saturdays at 10 am) and friends saw it.  Came on later that night at 11:00

5. I am an only child.
Who not so secretly wishes she had at least 2 brothers and a couple of sisters.  I also would have loved to have had at least 4 boys and even adopted some.  I do have two half-brothers but unfortunately we are more like distant cousins. 

My sweet blogger friends I wish to share with are:

1. Laura who creatively blogs at http://literarylegs.blogspot.com/
2. Dawn who dazzles at http://dawnbrazil.blogspot.com/
3. Meryl who captivates at http://departingthetext.blogspot.com/
4. Alex who wows at http://alexhagen1.blogspot.com/
5. Julie who inspires at http://julieflanders.blogspot.com/

Go visit these wonderful ladies and send a bloggy to someone who motivates/inspires you!!


Meryl Jaffe, PhD said...

Thank you, Adrian, both for the award and for the lovely comment you left on my blog (I'm too find bugs fascinating, but from afar...).

How do I pass on the award?

Adrian said...

To share a bloggy, just save the photo of the award, then start a new post. Add that photo and include 5 random facts about yourself. Then pass on your bloggy to 5 others!


Dawn Brazil said...

Thanks so much Adrian. I'll pass the award on as you said. Thanks again.

Julie Flanders said...

Hi Adrian!

Thank you again for this, it's very sweet of you to pass this on to me.

I enjoyed reading these facts about you too! I used to work in a dialysis clinic and saw how difficult the transplant process can be, I admire you for helping others with this. And I hope your son is doing well!!

Thank you again!! :)

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