Get Writing! Contest Deadline Looming!

I have a major case of "writus interuptus" plus a laundry list (dirty one, of course) of "to dos" including working, helping with homework, cleaning, attending writer's clubs, doing my own homework, music lessons, house projects, hockey tournaments, making dinner and yadda yadda yadda. 

Sooooo.. with that and to keep you smiling and motivated to relax and find your groove, I have included a picture of my dog. 

Aint she sweet?

Next deadline:  April 22, 2011 to have your first full draft complete and reviewed by at least one person of your choosing. 


Meryl Jaffe, PhD said...

Hi Adrian. I feel a lot like you, but I don't have a cute pooch to make me smile. I have TONS of deadlines right now. I guess I just have to plug away. My distractions are blogging, I guess.

Good luck with the deadlines.

Adrian said...

Thanks Meryl and today I got going again. I chose a favorite author and re-read one of her short stories. I picked up another book on writing and gained momentum.
What a slippery slope.

Julie said...

I'm having writus interuptus myself so I'm hoping your doggie will get me going again too. What a cutie! :)

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