Have You Ever Written Something and Thought.......????

My question is possibly a question writers ask themselves each day, week, month, year;
 "What the heck is this garbage?" 

I find myself getting into the groove, writing something my inner self says is "profound, multi-dimensional, gripping, moving!" And then I put it away, happy with myself.  (You know where I am going with this). 

I return to it to savor the tasty words that put into perspective a moving moment in my life that is to become the building block of my memoir and I am disgusted. 

Okay, maybe disgusted is too strong a word.  Maybe jaded and then disappointed.  That is what first, second, third and eleventh drafts are for. 

So, my writer friends, do not dispair.  Do not feel you are alone and of course share your insight into the turmoil of writer challenges. 

When all else fails, a little Pinot usually helps.


BECKY said...

Hello Adrian! I found your blog through someone else's and now I don't remember who! Guess that's my writers ADD again! Anyway, I loved this post. I'm writing my memoir....have been for what seems like forever...and I go through these emotions all the time. What I thought was definitely the final edit of a chapter....I go back later and think "Who am I kidding? This stuff stinks! Nobody will want to read this, etc"
(BTW, I feel like I have a lot in common with you. I didn't begin writing until I was in my late forties,etc.) Have a great week!

BECKY said...

Oh, I just remembered...I found you on Julie Flanders' blog!

Adrian said...

Becky, glad you found me and thanks to Julie we have one more cyber connection for writers in need! The writer's struggles are universal and everyone could use some spirit lifting! I know I do!! Thanks!

Laura said...

I've DEFINITELY had this experience! But I've also been really encouraged in coming back to a piece, because while there are things (too many, sometimes) that I think aren't great about it, I often have some fresh ideas and a more objective framework in which to revise.

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