Enter a Writer's Competition With Me!!

Here is a challenge:  Enter a writing competition!!  In our writer's club, The Promise of the Pen, we announced on Monday the Writer's Digest 80th Annual Writer's Competition. 

Details are listed in the link below;


There are numerous genres to choose from.  The entry fee is minimal and the opportunity to potentially "place" in the competition is.... well.... we can dream right?

I would like to know WHO would like to join me?  Please share with your friends, have them join the blog discussion and follow.  Let us take this journey together! 

Think of it this way; consider it an exercise in "the craft".  I thoroughly believe in entering contests, submitting to literary magazines and writing short.  In my opinion writing "short" is work shopping for larger work.  The short story can be very challenging to write, I completely agree.  It also sets before you an opportunity to work on a great idea, revise, share and submit.  The "process" from short to longer pieces of work is still the same;  Write, revise, write some more, share, revise, share, revise, submit..

Let it go, kiss it goodbye, wish it farewell and you have done what you set out to do. 

You are a WRITER!! 

Deadline: May 2


Laura said...

Oh my goodness! I've considering entering this competition! I completely agree--writing for competitions is a great way to stretch some muscles in the craft! About a month ago, I sent some poetry into several literary magazines; that was a big step for me, and it felt SO good just dropping the manila envelopes in the mail!

Adrian said...

That is great Laura! I know how you feel. I have submitted to at least two competitions and even the act of mailing the envelope was cathartic. I had accomplished what I wanted to do.

Julie Flanders said...

I'm thinking about joining this competition too, it's great that there are so many genres to choose from! I think I am going to do it too, I know just what you mean about how great it feels just to submit. I entered the Women on Writing contest last month and I was so excited just to hit the "send" key!
Thanks for sharing this!

thelmaz said...

I'm with you.

Perri said...

Thanks for the link! It IS good to jump in with both feet!

Anonymous said...

Helloooo Everyone!!! So glad to see the response and your excitement makes me excited. I am looking forward on taking this journey with you and we will shoot for some milestones; such as draft and review, posting of a bit of an excerpt (if you choose) and communicating with everyone when you actually send IT OFF! You are not obligated to share anything. You can just post your idea, premise, plot or even a brief excerpt. More later!!

Anonymous said...

Yea! Glad to see interest! This will be exciting~

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