World News and Part III Final of Conference

First let me say that I, like most of the world, have been tied to the news as we read of the tragic events in Japan.  I feel one-minded and a bit "closed" writing about writing instead of really taking a moment to reflect on what is happening in the bigger world around us.  This will land at least 3 pages in my journal and be something my boys will most likely not remember but I will.  Protected in a clear bubble but just how fragile is that bubble? 

I will just briefly mention my Part III of the conference.  I took part on day three in a workshop designed to discuss emotions with Josh Rathcamp.  He discussed how you can intergrate emotion into a piece without "saying a character is angry, happy, mad, dispondent, depressed, lost, unfocused..." We looked at a few pieces of short work and then were given an exercise.  We unfortunately did not have time to share but what he had to offer was very valuable.   Think of your character acting out during a time of tension and instead of saying they were in dispair, show us.  Great lesson.  The day concluded with a wonderful brunch and with quick, fluid discussion, emails and business cards were exchanged. 

I have since gained another group of writers to work with and will find the time to fit it all in. 

I have to tell all of you one thing.  Maybe you can relate or maybe you're one of the few (and those I envy) who can push out 3 chapters in one sitting... but my hubby said after the conference, "well, lets go... get writing!"  One of the more insightful closing remarks by one author on the final day, was "we are all going back to our lives, and eventually the question will come up, what's taking you so long?  Why does this writing thing take so damn long??"  Good question and the answer I gave my husband tonight as we watched the sun turn the sky a crimson shade of pretty, was it takes so damn long because it is soooo hard."   I think more than that is: because it is so..... me..

Ahhhh the love of writing.............. and remember to hug your family and be grateful. 


Laura said...

Great post!

Hey there! I've given you a bloggy award! Go to my blog to see it and pick it up!

Adrian said...

Laura!! I just went to and checked it out! As soon as I get my little ones off for their first day of Spring Break, I will be picking up my Bloggy and sharing with others!! You have the coolest gadgets/ideas!

Julie Flanders said...

Hi Adrian!

I've just discovered your blog and really enjoyed reading through your posts. I can relate to you as I also seem to have figured things out late in life, and am trying to get started in writing.

I really enjoyed reading about the writing conference, and look forward to following your blog!

Adrian said...

Julie, thank you so much and glad to have you on board! At least we are old enough to figure "those things out", just wish it did not take so long..

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