A Warm Up Writing Exercise! Get Ready for Submission!

In preparation for the contest or just an exercise in writing, a fun time-out or a chance to capture some observations; I took it upon myself to pen out a few pages in my journal yesterday.  What a beautiful day and the setting was primed for people watching.

Reflections in a Park

Activity and conversations peppered the downtown city park today and offered rare encounters in "people study".  On my trek to mark my territory, great book in hand, I passed by a photo shoot.  An impressively pretty man in designer sweat pants, flip-flops and a peacock blue tee stood model still, being fondled over by a young female assistant.  The photographer, in some hint of an accent I could not immediately identify, gave directions to two or three others from behind a high class lens longer than my arm.  The bustling staff wrestled with two very large white boards and reflective photo gear designed to cast the most perfect light on his yes, freakishly handsome face.

I found my seat on a shady bench, uncomfortable as it was; hard metal with an unnatural curve but in a perfect location to catch whispers of a breeze and dappled sunlight.  I sat facing an odd couple both in appearance and state of emotion.  A rotund, gray haired man with a very mature beard, sat with legs splayed open, sobbing.  He was clearly recounting some highly emotional, stressful event with brief breaks of face wiping and fist to open hand slapping designed to emphasize certain points in his monologue.  I am a bit distracted even with this by the rather young (I'm talking 15-17 year old young) looking girl seated next to him making small comfort circles with her hand on his broad back.  This activity is a carnival ride of back circles, wiping, sobbing, hand slapping then hugging. Repeat.  I am only able to pick up bits and pieces of conversation and a few words here and there; "mother, Jewish, okay, problem, cigarette". 

Hey I'm trying to read here. 

A guy then walked up to my bench from my left , a stack of pamphlets in hand,

"Read more about the bible today?"

"Uh, no." I said just before he got "bible" out.  I honestly had no idea what he was hawking, I just knew my time in the shade was limited and I was not in the mood to be hit up to read something not selected by me. 

As I watched him walk away I caught a glimpse of the back of his t-shirt:
"The End of the World is Coming Starting, May 21, 2011".
And surprisingly, there was a web-site, designed I assume to give you helpful details of how to prepare.  I could not help but think as most would, "The end of the world is starting on May 21, but the Internet will be up and running!!  Sweet!"  So, you say. 

Well, my preacher friend with a stack of pamphlets in hand, found a listener in the form of a severely toothless woman with an unlit cigarette hanging from her mouth.  Her body language and brief conversation registered curiosity in what "pamphlet guy" had to say and the talk was on.  She was joined by another rather unsightly fellow, clearly not coming from a recent photo shoot, to discuss this end of the world and now that it has an actual start date, what to do next and where can I sign? 

What a beautiful day. 

I surely hope the beautiful boy model had a great shoot.  That his pictures render high sales for the Nike, Adidas or Hurley garb gracing his frame.  To my odd couple across from me, who still are registering much shoulder slouching with face in hands and hugging, I hope it works out.  And to my "pamphlet guy", how about some good news for a change?  How about:

"Read about how you're positive spirit and good deeds are saving the world!  And because of all you do, Armageddon is not upon us!"

Enjoy the day - and you in it


All in fun my friends.  I figure any writing is a good exercise.  Be it a journal entry with no point other than to plot observations of real life in your own words, a dream recounted in rhythmic prose or a memory of a wonderful time or place plotted on paper. 

Just think, the "odd couple" could become a story.  Why is he crying?  Who is this girl?  Is he about to cop a field? Do they know each other or did they just meet? 

Oh you know I stayed to see what would happen.  She finally left.  She was college age but not a day over 19.  He clearly did not want her to leave.  She scribbled something on the inside flap of a book, tucked $30 inside and put it in his backpack.  Then she stood up, pulled her shorts out of her "business" (they had crawled up her whoo-ha rather completely while she sat on the grass), then told him, "And you tell them to mind their fucking business!" 

There is a story.. Fill in the blanks.  Oh yea, she kissed him on the cheek too which kinda weirded me out. 


Dawn Brazil said...

I love to people watch too. You're right, there's a story in there. You can find a story in the strangest places...I you have to do is be observant. Great post.

Adrian said...

Thanks Dawn!

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