Our Journey to Writerly Submission; The 80th Annual Writer's Digest Competition

So what to do first?  If you are interested in submitting, let me suggest we begin sharing here.  When I say sharing, I mean sharing of the process, the craft of writing and getting to the final "send".  We have until May 2, 2011 to submit to this competition.  I belive that is enough time to do a few things:

1. Generate some ideas; rough sketches of a short story.  If you are submitting a non-fiction, be sure to read all information of word count as it will be slushed/eliminated if over the maximum amount. 

2. Where do I find story ideas (if submitting fiction)?  I love to look at everyday life.  A 5 minute car ride with my kids where a unique question is asked, stirs the juices and immediately takes me back in time.  Ahhhaaa!  An idea! 
Like today for example when my oldest asked me the following, "Mom, remember when you told us about that mean guy you met in the 1900's?" 
I almost blew McDonald's Iced Coffee through my nose at that one.   

3. Keep paper/journal/notepad with you at ALL times!!  We all probably do this already but it does not hurt to keep just one more somewhere close by.  I think I have about 12 hidden in various places..  

4. Mark some milestone dates on a calendar just for yourself.  Not on the family calendar where the dentist appointments, hockey practice, guitar lessons, shower, do taxes, take the dog to the vet stuff is engraved in your busy future but a calendar just FOR THIS>  Write, read, get to draft #1, review, revise, draft #2, review, revise, draft #3, review, revise...... SUBMIT.

Let us all make this one promise to ourselves to have by April 8, a rough story outline, a character sketch with at least your main character (protagonist) and one antagonist identified (If non fiction, then you are the "I" and what is the particular moment in time you wish to parlay into a riveting submission? The "I" is so intriguing!!!). 

Check back in and I would love (as would the rest of us) to see how we are all progressing.  Share it here.. OR, give us a link to your blog/website and post your sketch there!! 

Word of the day: Arouse

A "sexy" word for motivate!!! 


Samantha Sotto-Yambao said...

Good luck with the competition! (And I LOVE the word of the day! LOL) :D

Adrian said...

Ha! Thanks Samantha!!

Meryl Jaffe, PhD said...

Good luck with the competition.

Julie Flanders said...

Okay, I'm marking April 8th on my calendar! This is a great idea, I'm in. One of the biggest problems I have is that I have ideas jumping around in my head, but I can't seem to be disciplined enough to turn them into a cohesive story. This will be help me stay on track. I think it will be fun! :)

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