Bloggy Award!!

I got The Versatile Blogger Award from my blogging friend Dawn at  I am still trying to work my way around the hyperlinks to blog sites and struggle at times to get it just right.  I am now to provide a few things about myself and then share this wonderful award with some other great bloggers!

Some things about me:

1. I am sometimes refered by my friends as an "animal whisperer".  From bugs, to dogs, to lizards.... and I agree with this assumption.  I have a connection and so do my boys.
2. I believe I am living in reverse.  I am not getting older.  I feel younger (minus a few times where my back cannot keep up with me) each day and understand life much more than say my 20 or 30 something counterparts.
3. I am a student in the study of human nature... aka a police officer.
4. I would have 10 kids if I could.  All boys..
5. The funniest person I know is my husband.  The funniest people I know under 10 are my boys.
6. I thought I was pretty good with electronics until I tried connecting our new TV, Receiver, DVD/Blue Ray and cable yesterday..... but no fear... give me about 8 hours alone and without interruption and I will get it.
7. I want to be a writer.  I know.. go figure. 

Now it is time to return the favor and share this award with more of my favorite blogs and friends:


Dawn Brazil said...

LOL, Adrian. I can relate to #6. And my husband is the funniest person I know too.

Adrian said...

That is a positive!! Thanks Dawn!

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I figured things out late in life, like what I wanted to do, getting married (age 30), having kids, (36 and 38) and changing degrees about 3 times. Now as a cop of 19 years and in my mid 40's, I am finally figuring out some things. My first career or dream of becoming a writer is playing more in my head and daily life than ever. I love it. Thus the blog. It is all mine. I also love being a mother. They are all ours. I love my husband and as a cop, wow.. have I seen some things. Street degree. I got it. Let us learn together. I also am on She Writes.