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Have you completed the first draft?  Just two days ago, I sat in a rather uncomfortable metal chair outside of Subway and penned out in longhand the final few pages of my short story.  I dare not read it yet since I have some homework to do this weekend and I know I will just get frustrated as the clock ticks away.  I did pass out the first 4 or so pages to a few people to read however I have since revised those pages and doubt I will have time to get the final out for review. 

So, if you have your story done by today and if you have had someone read even a portion by today, good for you!!!  Now our final deadline for entry is May 2. We are in the final stretch and if there is any part of your story you wish to share, go right ahead! 

After this weekend and a review of the draft plus revisions, I will post an excerpt to share.  I welcome comments! 

Have a wonderful Easter! 


Julie said...

Thanks to a combination of my procrastination and a nasty case of Bronchitis that I'm still battling, I haven't finished my draft. I'm hoping to have it ready for the late entry date, I know we can submit until May 20th for an extra fee. I'm so mad at myself, but it's my own fault. If I hadn't procrastinated so much, it wouldn't have mattered that I got sick. :(

I'm looking forward to reading your excerpt!

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