Phase I to Short Story Submission

As our first deadline approached and minutes clicked away to April 8, I luckily was sucked up into a whirlwind of inspirational story spinning.  I spent approximately 3 or 4 days absorbed and consumed and as a result placed several black letters on ivory paper.  Life of course caused a major “writus interuptus” and it has been several days since I was in that zone.  My piece has sat but I made the Phase I of our joint deadline submission to have;  plot, character, POV.   
Big breath in ………. And out………. So here it goes;
The story takes place in a stairwell in a 12 story tenement in Redding, a small town, in 1958.  The main character, Rosalie is 47 years old in search of her first son, Jack, whom she has traced to an apartment on the 8th floor.  Rosalie is a very strong woman in spirit and will and has survived a hard life on a rural farm, raising 7 other children.   Widowed in the last several years, she took on a career as an in-home nurse in her rural community to support her family and farm.  She was raised by an indifferent father and an abusive mother, Ruth, who made Rosalie give up her first son.   Another supplemental character to Rosalie is her Aunt Addie, who gives Rosalie hope and survival skills to handle an abusive mother intent on “ridding” Rosalie of her first son. 
In Rosalie’s climb to meet her adult son for the first time, she encounters a man who provides for her the will to continue and see the hope in her conquest; one she takes with much anxiety and fear. 
A conquest that will reunite mother and son for the first time in 32 years. 

The POV is third person omniscient. 
Now, if I can get the story to pull together!!! 
If you have your idea drafted, please share here! 


Julie said...

Oh my gosh, this sounds wonderful! I'm applauding at my computer. :)

M story is called Outcasts, and it is about a man in prison, a mentally ill woman, and an abandoned dog. The three lives are intertwined, as the man in prison trains the dog to be a psychiatric service dog for the mentally ill woman.

The inmate's name is Robert, and he was born to a drug-addicted mother and absent father, and spent his childhood in and out of foster care before joining a gang. The dog is about to be put down in a shelter before starting training in the prison program. The woman is named Abby, and she is schizophrenic and socially awkward, with no close relationships.

The story is about whether or not these three outcasts are able to overcome their pasts. Two do, one doesn't.
POV is third person omniscient also.

Have a great weekend, Adrian!

Adrian said...

I love it!! I just think the creative mind is so wonderful to come up with stories of such originality. Although I truly love non-fiction/memoir, I am just amazed when a story is spun from one's mind. Great Julie!! Can't wait to read more!!

Julie said...

Thanks, Adrian! I think it will be fun to share ideas as we go through this process. It's great motivation to be working on these submissions together.
Hope you had a great weekend! :)

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